Millions of people travel to Time Square every year. These long streets are perfect for standard or elevated beltways. 


    As the capital of China and one of its largest cities, Beijing’s Choayang District is an ideal place for new transit solutions to move millions of people a year.


    Barcelona's long and straight roads are ideal for high-speed moving walkways. Beltways would complement Barcelona's popular no-car super block zones.  

  •  LONDON 

    With over 15 bridges crossing River Thames in the heart of London, thousands of pedestrians walk these bridges every day. If we can cut down travel time by even five minutes per person, the total time saved every day would have a huge impact on the local economy.

  •  PARIS 

    Like other major cities, Paris is heavily populated with terrible traffic. With a couple of strategically placed moving walkways, the city would experience a significant decrease in road traffic, saving travelers time and money. 


    The Las Vegas Strip is an American Icon, where millions of tourists come to walk around. Having a high-speed travelator on the Strip would let people get from one side to the other, in record time.

  •  DUBAI 

    As a beacon of economic prosperity in the Middle East, Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Rd would be an excellent location to put countless high-speed moving walkways to better integrate pedestrian travel into its sprawling metropolis.



  •  2026 OLYMPICS (LA) 

    LA already suffers from the worst traffic congestion in the US. It’s no surprise city officials are putting billions into public transportation leading up to the 2026 Olympics in Los Angeles. As millions of visitors come to the city, high capacity transit will be necessary.

  •  MECCA 

    Always improving Hajj & Umrah, the Saudi government seeks new ways to assist the millions of people that walk many miles between holy sites. Because of factors, Mecca is the perfect location for multiple high-speed moving walkways.



    The recently built new Istanbul Airport is a mega-airport, larger than most airports today. With an ideal straight design, our beltways can extend the entire length of the airport. Only 1.5 ft above the ground, Beltways is a pit-less design, bypassing the industry pit requirement for conventional moving walkways. 



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